Hell of a Birthday!

Gotta love being sick on your birthday. I don't expect anything special on my birthday but not being sick would have been a high point of my day, lol. I guess it's only right since Shea was sick on his.

My only hope is that it'll be gone by time we go to Dragon*Con, being sick and up till late will not do me any good. And I'll probably be taking periodic naps through the day as I'm more than confident that my stamina has been drained and the baby is taking all of my bodies engery to feed and grow.

I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friends. It'll be cool that Robert Jordan will be there, and there will be alot of people who are new to the con from DM and other places, but I'm more inclined to just hang out with my friends than sit in a track room or track rooms all day. The con's cool and I like all the stuff that goes on, but this is one of the few times I get to hang out with Jenn, Jimmy, Den, Nat and various others who we only get to see once maybe twice a year.

I'm sure there will be ppl there I don't want to see, but hey that comes with the territory. Tomorrow Shea and I are running to Mobile to Sam's Club to buy bottled water and koolaid and food stuffs for the trip. We also have to go to Walmart and get Shea some new PJs/sweats for the trip, we both need hair cuts and we have to get the inspection sticker on his truck (which is like two years old already). So Friday will be busy.

On Saturday or Sunday Shea has to cut our back yard, it's a jungle out there. Watch it rain!

Saturday evening I also hope to pull together a guild photo and do some rvring, but we'll see how that pans out. I'm tired today so we'll see how it goes.

But back to birthday stuffage, I get to make my second two layer birthday cake with frosting today. I made one for Shea's birthday, which I ate all but two peices off lol. It didn't turn out great, but it was good. His was a Peanut Butter Chocolate cake, basically a chocolate cake with peanut butter in the middle of the layers and peanutbutter chocolate frosting. The frosting is what didnt' turn out great as it melted on me *sighs* but oh well, it still tasted good. Mines an Orange Dreamscile cake. Mmmmm. Can't wait to try it, I might not wait for Shea to get home to try it lol. But I have to do dishes before I do anything.

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