At Home, kinda

Shea and I are at home home. Well kinda. We aren't in our house persay, but we are on our property. We have a shop in the back of our house that did receive damage, but was the easiest thing to repair for temporary living means. We cleaned it out well, insullated and sheet rocked the shop. We've deemed the shop, the "little house" as the shop sounds bad, lol. We've an AC, Fridge and a gas grill pluse a few other things from the house that survived. We've got a peice of carpet down on the concrete slab and it feels a bit more homey now.

We don't yet have cable, so our internet access is even more spotty than it was at Shea's parents house. But we are doing well and things are going well. We will meet the insurance adjuster soon, and we received our FEMA packet with our SBA information . Hopefully FEMA will come by soon as well, so we can know how much money we have to work on the house.

The baby is doing well, she's kicking alot now, it don't hurt much, only when she kicks in certain places. But all is well.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015