28 weeks…. 12 weeks left

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. The nurse I had take my weight was being silly on the scales and at first said I was losing weight. Thankfully I'm not, I gaimed 7 pounds since my last appointment.

Last week I went in for my one hour glucous tolernace test, and my blood sugar was high so they sent me to the hospital for the three hour glucous tolerance test. I sat in the hospital for four hours that day between that and my epidural exam. The exam was more of a q and a session and fill out paper work, and I think some preadmitance stuff.

At my doctor appointment I found out that my blood sugar is normal so I don't have to go on a diet. That concerned me slightly, the dieting I mean. I'm way to picky about my food to have to go on a diet, that would be ever so limiting and poor Shea would have to live with me. Thankfully I don't have to go on a diet.

All is well, the baby is growing well, my blood pressure is good, the baby's heart rate is good. Everythings going well. Only 12 more weeks to go before our little one arrives.

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