Bathroom Almost done

We have the sheet rock up, purchased the paneling we are putting over it so that Shea doesn't have to float it out. We bought the new vanity, sink and faucet. The vanity is not a vanity but a kitchen cabinent that we are going to have to trim an edge to fit in the spot for the vanity, but it'll do. The only thing that will be left to do in the bathroom by the end of this weekend is casing the door way to the closet and putting in a new bathroom door.

I'm excited. Shea said he might put Den to work on the bedroom closet, laying the squares of vinyl tile we bought, but we'll see if Den shows up today or not, hehe. Never know now that he has an open invitation to come down when he wants to. We've a key set up for him so that he can come into the AC, see Diamond and use the bathroom (tho, thats in the house).

After we get those two rooms done I think Shea's going to try to go to Mobile (or Lowes in town if their saw is working) to get the panelling we need to finish the rest of the back of the house, then all we have to do is molding and carpet. Yay! I think we are finally making progress on our house.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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