Walls Started

Today Shea's Dad came by with his trailer and we went to pick up the needed supplies for our walls. We didn't go with what we had initially thought, but we are still doing a wanes coating on the bottom 32 inches of all the walls. We were going to go with a knotty pine coated with a high gloss polyurethane (sp?), but we went with strips of plywood and regular panneling. It's white and goes well with most of the house.

Shea's Dad also called Shea's little brother and he brought a friend, and Den was here, so we had alot of help. All the peices are cut to height, now they just need to be installed and cut for the outlets and windows etc.

We are going to end up wallpapering the bedroom as the paint stripped off all the paper the primer is suppose to stick to. So we really don't have much choice and neither Shea or I want to wait till we can hang more sheet rock. We'll just have to do something else.

The bathroom is almost finished. We've got all the panelling up in there, the vanity in, the sink top and sink in. Shea's finishing up the molding now. We are going to have to paint the bathroom it doesn't go well, and also the molding will need to be painted. Neither one is a real big deal and can wait till later if necessary.

We are a few steps closer to getting back into our house, even if it is the back half of it. It'd be no different than when we first moved in, except we still won't have a kitchen. Though that will be our next project, after the room. That's gonna be the fun one.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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