Another Sleepless Night

Nano needs to hurry up and get her so I can sleep at night lol. Probably won't happen then either *sighs*

Notes on The Shadow's View that formed last night

1. Told in First Person
2. Main Character - Claire Valentine
3. Advesary - JQ Public ie: Society using articles, rumors, etc as the advisary
4. Based 20-30 years in our future

Brief summary: Born in Middle America, white, nothing real special, goes to college, goes into the Marines, learns to be snipper, spends 8 years in the Marines on various expeditions before moving to a desk job outside of the Marines for a few years, gets bored of pushing papers puts the word out to use her military skills to a profitable use, Spends several years as an assassin for hire nicknamed the Shadow. Works for the mob in various situations, meets a croocked accountant who she eventually has to kill cause he's embezzling from his employer, spends a few years being careless and is finally caught, goes to trial, and spends a time in jail.

That's the jist of it, anyway.


  1. Prologue - opening on how society is always viewed from a particular perspective and breife introduction of main character's history
  2. Highschool
    1. The Bully - school news paper article
    2. Prom/First Time - rumors
  3. College
    1. Frat Party/Drunk - editorial in local paper
    2. Need second idea
  4. Marines
    1. Bootcamp - rumors
    2. War on Terror - newspaper articles
    3. Tour of Duty - newspaper articles
  5. Desk Job
    1. Hard worker - memo to company
    2. Fired - filed report
  6. Assassin for Hire
    1. Job 1 - newspaper article
    2. After several later - psychological profile
    3. Copy cat - newspaper article
  7. Marriage
    1. Wedding - rumors
    2. Embezzeling - newspaper articles & rumors
  8. Getting Caught
    1. Getting sloppy - newspaper articles
    2. Caught red handed - newspaper article
  9. Trial
    1. Crooked Lawyer - trial proceedings
  10. Epiloque - in jail, reflecting on society and her time outside in the real world

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