Notes about Claire

It's time to do a bit of research into Claire's life. So far all that's been said is she's born in middle America and went to college. So where was she born, where did she go to school, let's find out.

I randomly choose a State - Kansas

Claire will be born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. (Official City Web Site)

Her parents have lived in the same house for as long as Claire can remember. There house is located between E Murdock Street and the Railroad tracks east of I-153.

She went to Samuel E. Spaght Accelerated Magnet Academy for Elementary
She went to Robinson Middle School
She went to East High School
She went to Wichita State University for College majoring in Computer Science
(School Districs Web site & Wichita State University Web Site)

She worked at Raytheon Aircraft Company for 2 years as a Computer Sys Technologist(Raytheon Web site)

Claire will be living with her parents until she quits her job at Raytheon. After her first job she'll move to New York City, New York. - (New York City Web site)

In New York Claire rents a studio apartment in the Upper East Side on First Street, 6 blocks from the train station.

Dragon Hunting

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First Public Writing

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