I hate fighting with friends

I hate fighting with friends over stupid things. I feel like shit now and very unclear as to whether or not the friendship will last. I've a feeling deep down inside that it will. It's over differing opinions and such, the friendship should stand that, but that doesn't make it any more clear now. Or make me feel any better.

It doesn't help my emotions have been all over the place. Little things are setting me off and I probably should have avoided any controversial conversations know this, but then I didn't expect a fight either *shrugs*. Never can tell how things will turn out.

To my friend I am sorry if I said anything that put our friendship in jeopardy and hope that we can work well beyond this. Disagreements make things stronger? Dunno about that but I hope it's true.

*adding later*

Agreeing to disagree is a good remedy, not fool proof but at least things are okay. Remind me not to bring up controversial topics until the baby is like 6 months lol.

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