Protected: Highschool - Part 2

Most of my high school life went much like that, though the rumors that started from the Senior Prom were quite far-fetched. Why I even went to the Senior Prom I’ll have no idea, but when Jaime asked me there wasn’t much to say other than yes. Jaime Grant was a blond hair blue eyed hunk of a boy. He was the Captain of the Football team and I was nothing. Well, I was a bully, or so everyone thought. Jaime has just broken up with Sara Wright and was using me to get back at her. At the age of 16 what can a girl do when the hottest looking guy in school asks you to the Prom, even though you know why he’s asking you.

It took me three weeks to find a dress that I felt comfortable in. It wasn’t very fancy but it fit me well and it didn’t cost much. But I of course had to play the part everyone thought of me. It really is no wonder they always believed the rumors and the school news letter, it was always more fun to be the bad girl. The dress was very form defining – white lace bodice that was almost see-through, and it was in some parts, but carefully concealed my nipples from view, other wise I might not have been let into the establishment in the first place. The remaining part of the dress was made of a black silk gauze that came very close to being transparent. There was nothing left to the imagination; you could see every curve of my body in the right light. The dress was strapless and when Jaime came to my house to pick me up his jaw nearly dropped. Thankfully my parents weren’t home to see me off, they had already gone out for the night because I had made sure that the lighting in the house would make Jaime see exactly what I wanted him to see as I walked down the stairs.

I was glad to have impressed Jaime, he even gave me a small kiss on the neck when he pinned the corsage on my bodice. He fondled me a little too much, but wearing what I was I didn’t expect much less. Actually I expected a lot more.

The prom was held in the Marriot’s conference hall. They Seniors had paid a professional decorator to manage the entire theme for the prom. No one knew what it was going to look like. When Jaime and I walked into the hall we were stunned at the beauty of the decorations. No expenses were shared when it came to table settings, all the vases were gold and silver filled with exotic flowers. I don’t think anyone with out a horticulture degree would have been able to name off even one of the flowers in the vases. Jaime slung his arm around my shoulders and dragged me around to mingle with his friends. The lights were low enough that most of the guys didn’t get the look Jaime had, but Jaime knew what he had with him at the moment and he intended to flaunt it with style.

I can’t say that the Prom was all that horrible. Jaime and I danced. We danced a lot, the chaperones even had to break us up at one point because of the dancing we were doing. If there was an easy way to describe it, it would have to be vertical sex. Jaime was a good kisser, I’ll give him that. Every kiss made me shutter. And it was no surprise when he asked me to go upstairs with him. I’d been giving him all the signals that I intended for something to happen tonight – rumors be damned. And that’s exactly what happened, rumors and all.

Jaime had already paid for a hotel room, so all we had to do was go upstairs to it. The elevator ride almost got us thrown out of the room the way we were ravishing each other’s bodies. I wasn’t even drunk yet and I wanted to be in Jaime’s bed. It’s amazing what the bad girl image will do to a girl who’s never had sex before. But this was a once in a life time opportunity and I intended to exploit Jaime as much as he did me.

When we’d finally got to the tenth floor of the Marriot, Jaime and I were very ready to be removing our clothes. But Jaime being captain of the football team was too popular for his own good, a bunch of his football buddies and their dates had already made it upstairs, just in time for Jaime to open his door for them to see the booze and pot he’d stashed in there before picking me up. It was time for a party. Jaime took it in stride, he was use to them being around all the time. I on the other hand seriously wanted to get laid, and my feelings weren’t getting considered.

Though after a few drinks and a few hits of the joint they were passing around I wasn’t caring who watched. I did manage to stay in my clothes long enough for Jaime to kick his friends out. Once we were finally alone Jaime unzipped my dress and stood me in front of the full length mirror and we both watched as the dress slipped off my body. The lace was itchy and so was the silk gauze it was good to get out of it, but it felt even better as Jaime ran his hands down my side.

I watched as he touched me from chest to groin. I leaned back against him and could feel how hard he was as he pressed himself up against my back side. I was still wearing thigh high panty hose, a garter and a black lace thong – bought specifically for Jaime to take off and he did. He kissed my ass as he pulled the thong off of me. The rest he said he wanted to leave on, it was sexy he claimed. I however didn’t mind what he did at the time.

I’d love to tell you my first sexual experience was wonderful and that Jaime was a wonderful lover, but the truth is he wasn’t, though no one would ever believe me. Jaime felt his way around my body as if he really knew what he was doing. Perhaps he did understand the underlying needs of a woman. His fingers played with my nipples as he kissed my neck and shoulder. His other hand found it’s way between my legs. This was a totally new experience for me and I enjoyed his caressing. His fingers caressed my insides and I was helpless to his touch. My body quaked as he made me reach orgasm for the first time with a boy. Yes, with a boy, I don’t know a single teenager who never explored their own sexuality in the form of masturbation.

Jaime went back to the bed and told me to bend over in front of the mirror. I did as he asked and I watched him undress from my new vantage point. He was ready, very ready. And that was probably the reason that once he entered me it was over in two quick movements from behind. I was left wanting more as he collapsed on top of me. He never apologized to me, he only spread wild rumors that I was a tease and I wouldn’t put out. The rumors were only present to keep his own inadequacies a secret, no one would believe me anyway, I had no real close friends to stick up for me, it was his word against mine. And I had the weaker voice in the school, I was just thankful that it didn’t make it into print.

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