Highschool - Part I

High School

I attended East High for three years. My parents made sure that I kept my grades up despite all the trouble I appeared to get into and I had enough credits to graduate early. Thought most of the neighbors thought I was kicked out of school for things I really had no part in, but that’s the danger of being labeled a bully.

I really wasn’t a bully, I was bullied, but because I always won the fights others started with me, I was the bully. My freshman year in high school wasn’t easy on me, but it wasn’t easy on most of the freshman I knew either. Jack Trent was the boy who started all the rumors and all the fuss about me, Claire Valentine, a mere 4 foot 6 inches tall weighting in at maybe 90 pounds, being a bully. Jack was the bully of all bullies until I showed him up, then he was just an instigator from then on out.

Jack was a sophomore. He had a lot of upper classmen for friends because he was the only sophomore on the Varsity football team, so he had a lot of pull in the school. And he used it mercilessly. One day Jack decided it would be a good idea to try and stuff me in my locker. I wasn’t such an easy target and Jack ended up with a broken and I got detention for it. But that wasn’t how the story went in the School Newspaper. The headline read “Who Hurt Jack?” It really was quite the tall tale, but I’ll let you read it.

Who Hurt Jack?

Jack Trent, star football player was tussled last week putting him out of the game for at least two weeks. The team lost the games that Jack had missed all because Ms. Claire Valentine wanted Jack to do her homework. Eye witnesses saw Ms. Valentine punch Jack in the face when he refused to write an English paper for her. The blow broke his cute little button nose and it’ll never be the same again.

Ms Valentine was sentenced to two weeks of detention for this act of violence against Jack. But I think it was too lenient, it should have resulted in suspension from school, but Principal Harrison wouldn’t take the petition we had signed by the entire student body.

Parts of the article are true. Yes, I did punch Jack in the nose and it did break. I have no shame for defending myself. Those so called eye witnesses were no where to be seen. I had no one on my side that could vouch it was in self defense so all of Jack’s friends were able to write whatever they felt like writing. The foot ball team did lose two of the three games Jack didn’t play in, but not because Jack wasn’t there. They just got beat, but they had to make me look bad and make the school feel sorry for poor little Jack.

From then on out I was deemed a bully and whenever any of Jacks friends got hurt I was to blame. They even published an article in the paper telling the freshman to watch out for me when the next year started. Jack was the one who started all the trouble, but he persuaded the freshman ever so nicely, yeah right, that Claire Valentine was the one who stole their lunch money or gave them a wedgie that went to the high heavens. Jack had a lot of influence in the school, but that was as far as it ever went. When last I had heard Jack Trent was a janitor at the local grocery store, never amounting to much because he was too lazy and he felt he was gypped out of football scholarship. He really wasn’t that good.

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