Study Travel Outline

Travel to Study other Nations methods of fighting

  1. Travel northwest from Tar Valon to stay in small town a weeks ride from Tar Valon (Char Dev RPs) (1 month)
  2. Travel northwest from small town to *Maradon (2 months)
  3. Travel southwest from Maradon to *Bandar Eban (Char Dev RPs) (6 months)
  4. Travel south from Bandar Eban to *Tanchico (2 months)
  5. Travel west from Tanchico to Elmora
  6. Travel west from Elmora to *Amador (2 months)
  7. Travel south from Amador to close to Ebou Dar
  8. Travel northeast from Ebou Dar to *Lugard (2 months)
  9. Travel northeast from Lugard to Four Kings (Char Dev RPs - Caladesh) (1 month)
  10. Travel east from Four Kings to *Camerlyn (2 months)
  11. Travel east from Camerlyn to Aringril
  12. Travel north from Aringril to *Cairhein (2 months)
  13. Travel one day’s ride north from Cairhein towards Jangai Pass to small town where Rashad Ranch is located (Char Dev RPs)

6 months of total travel time + 20 months of various stops = 26 months (2 years)

* indicates areas to study fighting tecniques

Outline of Events

  1. Travel as far as a weeks ride will take her, barely sleeping, and eating on the move
  2. Stop in a small town northwest of Tar Valon
    1. Take on a new name
    2. Far enough away to weep over loss of her love and get over him to a degree
    3. Explore small town and find a tattoo artist
    4. First tattoo – small lower back on left side (of rose and tribal symbol)
    5. Pain = Pleasure
    6. Second tattoo – large right shoulder blade (of the grim reaper)
    7. Third tattoo – small slightly left of pubic hair region (of heart and tribal symbol)
  3. Finish traveling to Maradon
    1. Study Borderland fighting styles
  4. Travel to Arad Doman and find a place to stay in Bandar Eban (for six months)
    1. Learn the ways of Domani woman from Greta the innkeeper with no daughters to pass the information on to
    2. Studying the ways of the Domani warriors (concurrent in timeline with above)
    3. Attraction to women/final request from Greta to seduce a young lady
    4. Realization – Marosa no longer present
  5. Travel to Tanchico, Amador and Lugard
    1. Study three nations fighting styles
  6. *Travel to Four Kings, Andor
    1. Meet Caladesh
    2. Swear Oaths to Osan’gar
    3. Affair with Caladesh?
    4. Overcome/Accept the Shadow
  7. Travel to Cameryln
    1. Study the Royal Guard
  8. Travel to Cairhein
    1. Study the Cairhein fighting techniques
    2. Unsure of where to go from here, so close to Tar Valon
    3. Heads towards the Aiel Waste for no particular reason other than to travel, end up in a small town where she meets Glen Triad at the inn
    4. Glen helps Matalina send her death notification and create a story of who Cari Namere is
    5. Glen takes her to the Rashad Ranch where she will spend the remainder of her time (end of Study RP)
  9. Cairhein Ranch
    1. Meet Nathan and Sara and the rest of the ranch hands and family
    2. *Meet Akasha
    3. Nathan and Sara take in Cari as one of their own daughters
    4. Realization – Kayla no longer present
    5. Sara begins to work on Cari’s feminine presence and attributes for a good mother and wife
    6. First trial for Cari in the mother role is to raise a runt puppy
    7. *Cari learns about makeup and attire from Akasha
    8. *Cari seduces Akasha? (potential continuous affair)
    9. Cari learns to cook
    10. Cari learns to knit and sew
    11. Cari begins teaching the boys how to use a quarterstaff after school
    12. Pitch fork incident
    13. Cari ‘tames’ three wild stallions for Nathan, resulting in three mares for her to profit from, keep or give away
    14. Realization – May no longer present
    15. Talyn and Cari have discussion about Warders
    16. Cari writes three letters, packs two saddle bags with knitted toy and letters for Fawne and Jeffery Kincaid, a small pouch with two plain gold rings for Alex to send with Talyn as he tries to become Raeyn’s Warder
    17. *Alex comes to the Ranch
    18. *Glory Rashad comes to the ranch
    19. *Caladesh comes to the ranch and starts his training school (affair continues, or attempts to?)

* actual RPs with other characters

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