Carpet is In!

I can't beleive it, we finally have carpet in the house. It feels sooooo wonderful to be able to walk on carpet again. The padding is lovely the color is great. It's going to show dog hair but with the baby I hope to be better about keeping it up.

Shea's gonna paint molding and doors this week, hopefully hang it all on Friday with help from a friend from work. Saturday/Sunday we'll move into the house. If the weather doesn't shape up soon I might as to have the bed put into the bedroom sooner cause it's cold out here, not sleeping wise just during the day. I'm considering taking a chair and a folding table and my laptop into the office and staying in there, but we'll see, it's not exactly always warm inside either cause we've still got a few windows open we can't exactly get to right now.

Granted the weather channel says its only 41 but it feels like 34. Not sure if I should be cold or not, but considering it's been 60 to 80 for the past month or so 40 degrees is chilly. I might go get the space heater we bought for the bathroom to sit near me so I can stay out of my bed. I've already gone back to bed for a few hours cause I was chilly, and I wasn't feeling well. Though I didn't get nearly as nauceous as I did yesterday so hopefully my nerves are calming down now that we've got the carpet in.

I still can't beleive we'll be in the house by the weekend.

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