It's getting close

Over the past few weeks I've been notice a cramping feeling in my belly. Sometimes it stays for several miniutes and other times it's gone as quick as it sets in. They are starting to get painful, but nothing regular. This morning was bad, when I first got up to make Shea his lunch and fix him breakfast before work I was in a lot of pain for about a minuite. Then about seven miniutes later a short span of pain came on. By that time I had finished mostly with Shea's food and had to get sick. Thank god the aparment is in the back yard so I'm not seen by alot of ppl as they drive by. Not that it would be happening at 5am anyway lol.

I've read up on labor pains and all in the books I have, and neither one of them mention nausea, which I certainly have been having for quite some time. But then if the baby's getting ready to be born I beleive my hormonal levels change again, so that's a good thing to be sick. It's a least a sign at this site.

Labor Symptoms

I've only noticed the last two, but the first might have happened already too. I'm hoping that she'll wait until after the 17th to come so that we can go to our family christmas party. But I'll be happy anytime she gets here lol. I'm eagerly awaiting Kathleen's arrival and really being a Mom.

My mother is calling me everyday now. And Shea and I have tested out our contact system to make sure that his boss' pager works for an emergency while he's at work. It was a little disheartening yesterday when I couldn't get through at all. It kept telling me "All circuits are busy" was starting to worry me. The only good thing was **///Edited by the OS Dijinni///** was here so if the need arose I at least had a ride to the hospital and could rely on him to get ahold of his father as quickly as possible.

15 days till she's due and 12 days till Christmas. We aren't even done christmas shopping. We've got the ones that require stuff now. Mig and Meg's might get to them late.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015