The past 11 days

Well it's been a while since I've been able to sit down and actully write down what's been going on. And there has been alot going on in the past 11 days.

December 29th Shea and I drove to the hosipital at 6:30am to await the arrival of our baby. They started inducing labor at 7:30am and I was able to begin walking around an hour later. Walking supposedly helps to induce contractions. I wouldn't really know cause I was feeling pain a half hour after they gave me the stuff. But I walked, I don't know how long I did, but we took it slow and I had to stop often cause of pain. Eventually it got too much and we went to sit down and the nurse checked me. I was 4cm dialated and it was time for the next phase. The got me going with an IV and some pain medication and after the drip was finished they started the epidural. That was probably the scariest part of the whole thing, and the most painful.

At 2:29pm Kathleen Airyn made her way into our large world, ten fingers ten toes weighing in at 6 pounds 7 ounces and 20 and a half inches long with tons of hair. Shea says I pushed for half an hour. I don't know how long it was, but I didn't feel much as the epidural was still working. I could barely feel the contractions and I had to use alternate means of determining when I was having one. I had to have an episiotomy (sp?) to help let Kathleen out. That still hurts now, but it's getting much better.

Kathleen and I stayed in the hospital until Saturday afternoon when we were allowed to go home. Diamond really didn't respond to the baby when we first brought her home. She sniffed and then went searching for things for her in all the bags we had brought home. That night she spent every waking moment with me, needless to say she doesn't anymore, which is good, she's not all over me when I'm half awake trying to take care of Kathleen. She's doing well, she's still a bit rough with her, but she's getting better. She even takes to licking her dispite being told not to. I think she'll be okay. I still worry cause Diamond is so big and Kathleen is so small, but it's all working out well I think.

Sunday, the family went to go see Shea's folks and his granny who hadn't seen Kathleen yet. There I started not feeling so hot, got a headache and a fever - which is one thing they told me to look out for, so when it was 100.2 degrees I called the doctor and he told me to just monitor it. By the time we got home it was 102 degrees, so I called again. The nurse was the same one as before and asked me what the doctor had told me. I told her and she asked did he tell you to call back. I told her no, but I don't think a 102 fever is something that is normal so I'm calling to make sure. When he called back he sent me to the emergency room.

We called Shea's folks and they came down in 16 mins (which is normally a 30 min drive) to take care of Kathleen. In the emergency room they gave me an antibotic and sent me home with nothing wrong other than maybe a cold or something. At least everything postpartum was doing well.

Tuesday, I think it was then we found ourselves back in the emergecy room because I was having coughing fits and could barely breathe. After a chest x-ray they informed me I had pneumonia. That was just what I needed. They gave me breathing exercises to do, an oral antiboitic, cough syrup and an inhaler medication thing.

I feel much better today. I've been feeling better for a few days but sleep is such a needed thing right now. Kathleen likes to stay awake at night instead of during the day. It's a difficult adjustment. I think I'm going to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. I feel bad about it, but since the medicine I'm on hasn't been tested in breastfeeding women I'm leary of continuing that so for the past 5 days we've been stricktly bottle feeding and the schedule is much more to my liking, every 4 hours instead of every 2 or 3. At least it's more sleep in between, and I really need that in order to get better.

Shea's almost got another bathroom completed, it's only lacking paneling above the shower, molding and a vanity, everything else is in. It look soo much better than before. The kitchen floor has been purchased, we will probably by appliances soon. The kitchen needs to be painted before we can put in the floor and appliances, and we might get lower cabinents as well before my parents get here, if not shortly there after I hope. We've a makeshift kitchen in the house now. The fridge and microwave are in the untility room allowing me to prepare bottles for the night for the baby.

I'm hoping we'll get a bit more finished before my parents get here, but if not oh well. They are here to see their first grand baby. I can't wait to see them.

We are having a baby shower next Saturday, hopefully we'll get a few more of those most needed items we've been holding off on since we knew this was going to be happening. We'll see how well Kathleen stays awake with all those people wanting to hold her and stuff. Maybe I'll be able to catch a wink or two.

As a final note, here's a picture of Kathleen Airyn:

Kathleen Airyn

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