General Update

I've not had alot of time to sit down and write, so I figured I would do so now. My parents were here on the 12th and I'm glad they came down to see their grand baby. I know they enjoyed their time here and I loved having them here. I just wish they'd have seen the house in a better shape. But what can you do. Mom did some painting for us.

I went to the doctor on the 13th for a follow up to the pnuemonia, I had high blood pressure and I've been monitoring it for the past two weeks. I'd bought a blood pressure cuff and I think it's a little off but not much, but the one at Walmart totally disagrees with what i've been getting at home. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow to follow up on the blood pressure, I'll be taking in the cuff just to check it's validity. After that I have an appointment with a chiropractor, hopefully this will help with my headaches and achy neck. It's Shea's suggestion since this doctor doesn't physically crack a person's back. That just frightens me. He uses a different method, so we'll see, Shea really likes the guy.

Kathleen had thrush and she still has a little bit of it left, but it's not as bad as it was, there's only some spots around her lips, upper and lower lips, it's hard to get the medicine there as she tends to spit it out too easily. She's got yellow patches on her clothes cause of it.

We are trying to get Kathleen on a schedule of 4 hours with 4 oz of formula right now. She was fine yesterday but we interrupted the schdule to make it so Shea could see her when he comes home from work and right before he goes to bed. We'll see if she picks this schedule up. It may take all weekend to get her on it though.

I heard from the SBA today. We've been approved for a loan with them. About 80K worth of it. I'm not sure we can afford the payments unless we use that to pay off my school loan with it. We have an appointment with them next Saturday to talk and probably fill out paperwork. I think that's when we will be able to talk to them about building a house elsewhere. It might mean we don't have high speed internet access but I'm sure we can work something out, hopefully DSL really is up by Shea's parents house *crosses fingers*

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015