Good and Bad News

Last Thursday Kathleen went back to the doctor. Most of her thrush has cleared up, she's got a few patches left on her upper and lower lips, but the large patches on her tongue are gone. The doctor also isn't concerned about her tone anymore, she figures Kathleen was just waking up the last time. Which she was so hopefully that's good.

The following Friday I went back to the doctor and my blood pressure was fine but because I was still concerned I was given a 24 hour blood pressure cuff and monitor and the results were good for that. Yay, no medication for high blood pressure.

Though as good as both of those are my Dad called the other day and told us he has colin cancer. They took a CT of his whole body and other than a spot on his liver the cancer is confined to his colin. So that's good. He will have to have surgury, they are figuring the end of Februrary for that where they will check the spot on his liver as well. The good news is that it's early and hopefully the surgury will be all for it, hopefully no radiation, but we'll see.

I'm keeping my thoughts and prayers with my Dad but I know everything will be okay.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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