I Can’t Find Yesterday

The rooster crowed as the sun peaked its weary head above the horizon. It's golden rays shining down on the glistening dew drops looked like diamonds scattered in a sea of green. Dawn was always waiting for me when I woke up. The day ahead would be as bright as the sun that rose. Every day was the same, except this morning. Something was different as I rose out of my bed to greet the brand new day. I wouldn't know what it was till much later.

My morning routine had been unchanged since I started my adult life. My bedroom was filled with the morning light as I gathered the things for my morning shower. The light blue carpet was warm against my bare feet as I walked towards the unlight hall the beckond beyond the closed door. I turned the light switch on and I blinked from the bright light. The bathroom was just down the hall, I really didn't need the light, but it was a good wake up call.

The cold tiles greeted my bare feet as I stepped into the bathroom. The yellow flowers on the tile added little warmth and the light stunned me as I pulled the chain above the sink. I pulled back the satin shower curtain and turned on the shower water, warmth poored down into the ice cold tub. Moments passed and the tub floor was warm as the water that poured from the spout as I stepped into the barage of water.

I stood there absorbing the warmth of the water before cleansing my body of the dirt from the day and night before. The shower was the best place to think and as I did I tried to remember things of the past, things that I knew I should remember. Nothing came to me, I had lost my memory, lost yesterday.

Where could it have gone, how could you lose something that wasn't tangible? Yet I couldn't find yesterday, or the day before. Memories are a precious thing that you take forgranted, you miss them when they are gone.

My normaly relaxing shower turned into a frantic dance for my lost memories. I rushed through the rituals that followed, dressed and brushed my hair, then hurried down stairs to grab breakfast. I needed to find someone who knew about yesterday.

One the table beside a plate of eggs and bacon sat the newspaper opened to a page already. I sat down and looked at the open page, and the headline stared back at me.

A Lone Survivor

I read on, and things came clear. A plane crashed and there was only one survivor. I was on that plane. My family was on that plane. Emotions I hadn't known to have during my shower flooded my body. Pain, Sorrow, Dread filled my soul as I continued to read the dreadful article before me. I had survived that plane crash, how no one knows. My family hadn't survived. Tears flowed down my cheeks and I grief overcame my senses. I wish I had never found yesterday.

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