Name: Bryon Geiger
Age: 43
Nationality: Arafellin

WS request: 17 (minimum)

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185lbs

Description: Bryon has pale skin and dark brown hair tied in two braids that are tied off with silver bells. Byron lost one of his large brown eyes in battle and a large scar slants over the missing eye. Byron typically wears an eye patch to keep from startling those around him. Byron typically wears bright colored shirts and dark breaches. His swords are strapped at his back as typical in Arafel and his mace sits at his left hip. He's various throwing knives around his person for emergency needs.

Primary Weapon: Two smitars
Secondary Weapon: Mace
Tetiary Weapon: Throwing Knives

Discipline: Balance
Philsophy: Flame and Void
Path: Path of Dual Weapons


Before the Tower

Learned to fight from his father
Fought in a great battle in the Blight at age 16. A fist of trollocs and a fade. Byron fled in fear as he watched his father and brother go down at the hands of the fade.
At age 17, mother became ill and Bryon took her to the White Tower for healing. But was too late, she died on the doorstep to the White Tower
His mothers passing gave Byron little to live for, he stayed in Tar Valon to see about beginning a new life.

The White Tower

At 18 a Tower Guard convinced Byron that his calling was to the White Tower and he joined the ranks of Tower yards
Byron learned well and fast and was a Tower Guard in two years.
Having made many friends who soon left him to become Warders, Byron vowed to remain a Tower Guard and protect all Aes Sedai equally. He didn't beleive in one on one combat.

Training Details of Note:

Conflicts - two fighting - flight or flee?
Conflicts - AS task and mentor task conflicting - do both?
Road Trip - two days 1 night alone
Obstical Course
Important Mission - with mentor
Reason for Path and Discipline

Tower Guard:
TG Ceremony
Week in the Life of
Unsuccessful spar against master
Horse riding skills
Path trip
BM Ceremony
Betrayed by a Friend
Going home - blight trip
Meditation on thy self

Dragon Hunting

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First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015