NPC bio for Dreadlord

The following bio is two fold. One for a lacky for Semirhage that can channel and two for a channeler on the Ranch.

Name: Nalia Lulin
Division: Shayol Ghul
Rank: Mae'shadar to Semihrage
Place of Birth: Fairhaven, Cairhein (
Age: 34

Description: Standing 4 foot 6 inches Nalia's presense stands above her. Nalia's dark hair is tinged with odd colors that she's manipulated with the one power. Streaks of red, blues and silver run down her waist-length hair. Nalia's dark eyes are shadowed with the turmoil she went through learning the arts of One Power and the tasks Semihrage set before her. Nalia has a scar that was the result of a fire on her right arm, stretching from her shoulder to her elbow.

Brief History:

Nalia Lulin was born in a small town a two days ride north of the capital city, Cairhein. Nalia was born to farmer outside of the small town itself. Her parents died in a tragic fire when she was 18 years old. Few people other than Nalia knew the cause of the fire. It had been Nalia's doing. It was her first channeling experience. She'd touched the One Power with out realizing it and in her anger the house ignited on fire. Nalia barely escaped receiving a burn on her right arm where a beam fell and bounced off of her.

Nalia had no intentions of going to the White Tower to learn to control the One Power. About two years after her parents tragic deaths, Nalia ran into a woman. The woman soon became friends with Nalia and began to show Nalia the power of the One Power, and the wonderous things you could do with it. In the end it turned out that the woman was a Darkfriend and proclaimed that the Light fools would shun her for some of the uses of the One Power she'd taughter her. The woman knew that the power would be enough to sway Nalia to the dark side and sharing her secrets further would not limit their association. The woman revealed to Nalia that she was the Chosen, Semihrage and that if Nalia were to swear her soul to the Great Lord, Semirhage would take Nalia great places.

Fourteen years later Nalia was still in the service of Semirhage and taking refuge in a safe house known to Semihrage. The Rashad Ranch was located five miles from the town Nalia had been born in and she knew the Rashad's as a child. She was glad to be of service on the ranch, and help Nathan with the duties of harboring darkfriends. Her guise on the Ranch is that of a ranch hand. She would not be very good at it if it were not for her use of the One Power. She wasn't nearly as good as others on the ranch, but she held her own.

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