Last night wasn't so wonderful, Kat woke up around 2am after we got done feeding I couldn't fall back to sleep, my mind revolved around all the things I need to do for Mat and things I'd like to do with her soon. It should be a fun time soon.

But this morning was wonderful, I got a chance to talk with Lie which I've not done in a while. And Kat and I had a nice morning chat. She's become such a chatter box at times. She talks to her fish and to herself and to me and is starting to chat with Shea. She's still a bit unsure of him cause he pesters her so much. But she loves him you can tell. She actually wanted her Daddy yesterday, it's usually I want Mommy. But nothing I could do would calm her down, but her Daddy took her and she was happy, at least for a while.

This morning Kat took a bath. She's finally found out that if she moves she can do some pretty cool things. She loves to bounce in her bouncing chair, and she tries to make her poohs move by moving her legs when she's in her swing and her fishes move when shes in her crib, she failes at the latter two but it's cute to watch. Up until the point that she gets fustrated then she starts fussing. So guess what, this morning in our bath, I got wet from her splashing. She had this look on her face while splashing like WoW look what I can do. Not the splashing so much but the movement she was moving around quite a bit as she kicked her feet and flapped her arms. All in all it was a wonderful bath, I enjoyed watching her try new things.

Kat's hair is starting to curl. I'm not sure if it's going to be a wavy curly or like little orphan anne. I hope the former rather than the latter but we'll see. She definately doesn't get curls from me, my hair has always been straight as an arrow, not an ounce of curl unless I put it there. Shea's hair curls in the back when it's long (or so he says, he's never let it get too long with me). So I'm hoping she'll have a nice wave. Though it's not looking that way short, the only good thing is it does straighten out when I comb it.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015