The Aeon

The Aeon is a pirate ship captained by Jimmy Longfellow. His first mate is Bobbi Valen. Bobbi's little sister Claire Valen has been aboard the Aeon since she was 11 years old when their parents died in a boating accident while on vacation. Mykal Devon stowes away on the Aeon after hearing that it is heading towards Coscorta (from Bayside) where his betrothed, Tyra Quintin has been taken by an evil wizard, Salis Xander.

Mykal Devon – Righteous man of pure intentions. He’s got a holier than thou attitude and does what is right with out question. His methods of getting his bride to be back make him question his beliefs.

STR 12, DEX 10, IQ 12, HT 12
Advantages: Wealthy, Acute Sense of Hearing, Combat Reflexes
Disadvantages: Knightly Code of Honor, Bad Temper

Claire Valen – Raised on a pirate ship with their code of honor. Her ideas of fair play are that of a pirates values. She believes that there is nothing wrong with their profession and that it is their right to pillage and plunder. They follow their own set of rules and they have harsh punishments, sometimes worse than the local law could ever think up.

STR 11, Dex 12, IQ 10, HT 12
Advantages: Beautiful, Daredevil, Lucky, Perfect Balance, Ambidexterity
Disadvantages: Reputation as a theif and con artist (-2), Pirate's Code of Honor, Greedy

Salis Xander – an evil wizard bent on breaking the alliance between the Quintin and Devon families. This alliance will forge the largest army the high seas have ever seen, putting Xander’s own forces on guard and getting in the way of his intentions to conquer each city and island for his own kingdom. He’s bent on becoming King of the High Seas and ruling over all.

STR 8, DEX 12, IQ 14, HT 10
Advantages: Resistant to Poison, Hard to Kill (+6)
Disadvantages: Evil Reputation (-3)

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