I'm beginning to hate DM

If it's not a technical reason it's some political bullshit that someone is trying to pull. I've given my problems two weeks. If Jason or Kevin can't seem to find a reason why the email isn't working or why we can't get the damn mods installed then I'm probably going to leave. My biggest dilema is leaving the SG div. The others aren't so bad, other than leaving people in the lurch that were depending on me. This isn't fun anymore it's pissing me off.

But then again, I need the writing outlet, and I've yet to find anything I can sink my hands into that willl entice me to keep writing. Writing a story is all well and good, but I like not knowing where things are going and reacting to other peoples actions. I'm seriously considering starting my own play by post game, but I'm not sure on how much information I want to provide or if I want to provide any information at all, how strict I want to be and all that fun stuff. I really don't want to continue writing in the Wheel of Time universe, I'd rather work in something completely new that no one has any say in and no copyright violations. But starting a new game wouldn't be very fun if I couldn't get some people to play. I mean I can invite a few friends over, but most of my friends have either stopped rping or hold high up positions at DM, and this isn't my attempt at pulling them away from DM. I can successfully pull away from DM and still stay in contact with most of my friends. I dunno what to do but DM is starting not to be fun, and that's not good.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015