Name: Aeryn Lynn Black
Age: 25
Weight: 132lbs
Height: 5'6"
Character Type: Werewolf
Occupation: Computer Programmer

Description: Red Hair, Hazel Green Eyes, Slender Build, a rose tattoo on her left sholder blade, a large scar on her right forarm from a dog bite.

Strengths: She holds the same values as her mentor did, to insure that the human in us remains alive. Aeryn is a hard worker and reliable. She's loyal to her friends and to a pack that will have her.

Weaknesses: Aeryn is inexperienced in her powers and in a pack environment, and tends to assume a submission position instead of asserting herself. She lacks self-confidence and can laps into a deep depression around her birthday.

Powers: In comparison with other werewolves Aeryn is weaker than most, most of the problem lies with her inexperience in a pack situation, having only been a part of one for little less than a year.

September 4th has always been an interesting day for Aeryn Black. The day of her birth has always been plagued with tragedy. Aeryn was born a month prematurely and her mother died from complications after having only seen her beautiful daughter for a few breif moments. Aeryn's father was unable to care for his infant child and gave her up for adoption. Thankfully Aeryn's adobtive parents were well off Accountants in New York City. They raised Aeryn as if she was their own, sending her to the best schools through out her life, including college.

Aeryn earned a degree in Software Engineering from a highly accredited private university. But yet again tragedy struck on her birthday just after graduation. Aeryn's boyfriend, Taylor, surprised Aeryn on her bithday. It was going to be a beautiful night under the full moon. He planned a midnight picnic in Central Park. It all started out wonderfully well until they were attacked. Out of the pushes flew what Aeryn thought was a dog. It mauled Taylor and turned it's attention on Aeryn. As the dog's teeth peirced Aeryn's right forearm another dog rushed the attacking one, tearing the teeth from Aeryn's arm. The pain and shock overwhelmed Aeryn and she blacked out.

Aeryn woke up in the hospital and was later infromed that Taylor had died from massive blood loss. Aeryn was devistated and fell into a deep depression. Her work suffered and she was nearly suicidal.

Two weeks after the attack a young man who'd Aeryn had seen walking campus before approached her with a great smile. "Hey. My name is Aaron." Aeryn giggled. "So's mine." Aeryn continued on with how to spell her name and held out her hand. Aaron grasped it firmly and shook then spoke softly. "I've something important I need to tell you." Aeryn was curious what a boy she'd just met would have to tell her that was so important but she nodded. "I've class right now, can we meet in an hour for coffee." Aaron smiled. "Sounds like a plan." They made the arrangements to meet in the student union cafeteria for coffee.

Aeryn really didn't pay attention to her class as she was eager to learn of the important information from the cute man she'd just met. But when she got there it wasn't pleasant information. "Aeryn, the dog that attacked you..." Aeryn started to cry at the mention of the attack. "Aeryn, please, listen, it's important." Aeryn calmed down slowly and Aaron continuded, "The dog wasn't a dog, it was a werewolf." Aeryn nearly fell over laughing but Aaron began to explain what had happened and Aeryn soon began to understand her life was in jeopardy. Aeryn stood up while Aaron was in midsentence and quicky left the student union. Aaron tried to follow her but she wound her way through the passing throng and he lost track of her.

That wasn't the last time she'd see Aaron, but it was the last time they would talk. Approximately two weeks later, Aaron tried to talk to her again, but she refused to listen to him and ketp walking. He screamed. "Lock yourself up or you'll regret it."

Aeryn wasn't sure what that was suppose to mean. The sun set and the moon rose and Aeryn's body did change. The pain was unbearable and she cried out in pain that turned into the howl of a wolf when the transformation was complete. The hunger hit and the windows of her first floor apartment shattered as she hurled her body through it. Her wolf self didn't hesitate it began the hunt.

She found a homeless man laying on a park bench in Central Park and stalked her prey. She grabbed at his throat and tore. The taste was unreal and she savored the copperly liquid. But someone stopped her, bitting her neck. A fight insued but the other was more powerful and something more than strength stayed the beast.

Aeryn woke up the next morning naked in a strange house. A blanket was drapped over her and Aaron lay on the floor next to the bed she slept on. He heard her stir. "Good morning. Do you beleive me now?"

Aeryn and Aaron talked for hours and she agreed to meet again and he would teach her about her beast.

It wasn't September 4th that brought the next doom on Aeryn's life, but a week before. Aaron's pack had started to doubt the college student's power and a coup was forming and Aaron's Freki, Jumael challenged Aaron for the rights to be leader. The pack's doubts came to fruition as Jumael's strength overpowered Aaron. The pack switched hands. As tradition spoke the pack ate Aaron but Aeryn refused and didn't understand the meaning of the action and no one took the time to explain it to her, instead exiling Aaron's latest pet project.

The pack almost literally ran Aeryn out of New York City, but not before finding out that Jumael had been the one to kill Taylor. This knowledge and Aaron's death lead Aeryn to escape the city life, to roam the world to find a new home.

Aeryn spent three years wandering, freelancing as she went along in order to make ends meet. She finally stopped in Chicago in hopes to find a job and a pack to take her in. Aeryn was tired of running.


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