Planned but Unexpected

You'd think this would be expected but when you are me it's not. An irregular cycle tends to bode bad for predicitability.

In June Shea and I decided that we would begin to try again for another baby. So I went off the pill. Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks late. I chalked this up to my irregular cycle taking hold again. But yesterday to ease my mind I bought a pregnancy test. Took it last night because I couldn't sleep. (Not cause of this but because I just wasn't tired.) It said positive. Went to the OB/GYN today and it tested positive there as well.

Looks like we'll be expecting a youngin March 30, 2007.

I'm happy and scared both at the same time. I'm happy I'm pregnant and scared that it's too early for another one. I actually like the fact that they will be closer in age. And if I remember correctly they MIGHT end up being in the same "class" at school. With only a year and three months between the two kids and Kathleen having a late birthday where school starting cut off is in September here in Mississppi. I think, I'll have to ask Shea. Not sure them being in the same class will be a good thing or not but we'll deal with that in 5 years lol

I guess one thing that really didn't make sense about the whole postive pregnancy is that I don't have any morning sickness. Last time I was two days late and had been sick before that. I didn't think it was morning sickness at thet time but after confirmation it was apparent it was. My stomach is upset now, but that's nerves. I've been awake most of the night worrying over the little things in life.

This should not affect our travel plans for Christmas. Most airlines I think tell you not to fly after 32 weeks. But I beleive it's safe up to 36 weeks. I fall a few weeks before that around 27 weeks. So barring bed rest I should be able to make plans to visit my parents at Christmas. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though, I really want to go home for a little while.

It's been a busy day for me and it's not even noon yet. First doctors appointment is on the 22nd.

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