Venting and Plans

One thing I hate most is lying. It's really beginning to get on my nerves. But then alot of things are beginning to get on my nerves lately.

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I hope it gets better and the respect for the house is taken seriously particularly after I get each and every room spic and span and baby-proofed. I'm tired of finding things in Kathleen's hands that shouldn't be there. This means that we have to watch Diamond alot more carefully and not let her get a hold of bottles and bottle caps. The last thing we need is for the baby to choke on a cap.

On a good note, I'm making plans to turn our former library/former dinning room into a play room for the kiddies. The bedroom that's closest to our room isn't big enough for two beds, dressers AND toys, so we are discussing closing off that room with a half wall and door, moving the door to the spare room/the boy's soon to be room to the living room and closing off the other door. I'm thinking of painting the room that was green *pouts* (I have to lose my green room, it's my favorite, but the installation of sheet rock in that room means we have to repaint.) a new fresh color, a sky blue with maybe some clouds floating around it. Maybe a cool ceiling fan and a if I can talk Shea into it maybe painting the ceiling the same color. Add some colorful ballons and stuff too. I think it could be a fun play room. We'll have cable in there so the kids will have a TV too. We'll need to find a corner mount to hold up a TV but I think that it'll be the perfect place for the kids to hang out. We can watch TV or be in the kitchen hear them and see them for the most part. A perfect solution for the step down. Shea said we could put a sign on it that said "Mommy's Jail". I dunno if that means I'm gonna lock my self in it or if I lock the kids in it, hehe.

I'm looking forward to having this baby. And for having my house finished. It's getting real cramped in our house right now. Three adults and a baby in three rooms, one that has three desks in it and a play pen. It's a bit crowded. However I did clean our bed room and put away some of the toys Kathleen is too big for or doesn't use much, and there is so much more room. We now have one baby safe room, if we turn off the box fan on the floor. You still have to watch her because she tries pulling on cords that I can't do much with right now, or using the tower fan to try and stand up on. But it's a lot less crowded now yay!

I think we've settled on a few things about this new baby. One, that it's probably our last one. Two are the names. If it's a boy, Samson Paul Wilkerson, and if it's a girl, Samantha Michelle Wilkerson. The girls middle name isn't for sure, but Shea said then she could have the SMW initials like he and his son have. So I think that was a yes lol.

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