Short Story Topics

Her's a list of several writing exercises on the internet that might inspire something for Dragonmount's Anthology.

Write a story in which a character feels justified in taking an action that would be considered immoral or unethical.

Write a story in which one of the characters must leave a comfortable place indoors and go out into a raging storm.

Write a short story or poem that includes a duck, a skyscraper and an athletic event.

Create a character and give them a family tree. Go all out, give them eccentric ancestors: world travelers, horse traders, mad scientists, whatever your creative bent comes up with. Don't forget the dates for birth, marriages and deaths - drag out all the skeletons in the closet.

Design a game. If you can draw add those too. But, game design starts with an idea and a story or plot to focus all the characters and play on. What kind of game would yours be: strategy, racing, role playing...?

Write about something you lost. Give it an adventure, what happened to it after you lost it?

Randomly pick two ads from the personals in your local newspaper. Give them a story, does it all work out or is it a complete disaster right from the start?

In honor of this week's return of Superman, create a villain with super powers. What's his/her backstory? Why did he/she choose evil over good?

Write a news story based on this headline: Magician Defies Odds and Escapes From Local Prison.

It's your main character's wedding day, when something goes terribly wrong. Write a short-short story about what happens.

Due to the raven that follows him wherever he goes, a young man is convinced that something terrible is about to happen.

A man takes lunch to his wife's office, where he's told that she hasn't worked there in weeks.

Your pet goat is missing. There are eight likely, yet extremely different, suspects. Describe each suspect in detail, his motive and how the "goatnapping"? occurred.

Write a story to include, “Sorry, we can’t insure you for a journey like that.”

Think about a skeleton in your family closet. Use that shady character in a short story.

Imagine you wake up one morning with a key clasped tightly in your hand. How did this key come to be in your possession? More important, what does it unlock?

It’s 3 a.m. You hear a bang outside and then glass break. Write the story.

Write a story where the characters are trying to find something. Their quest can be for an object, artifact or something intangible, such as self-acceptance.

Try writing a short mystery story. Create a detective as your main character and relay the story from her point of view.

You’re inside an elevator and the doors won’t open. What’s worse, you’re claustrophobic. Write this story.

Challenge yourself to write a riveting tale that takes place within the confines of one hour.

Take a poem, and turn it into a short story. Or take a story, and turn it into a poem.

Your character has been kidnapped and is being held in a small room. Describe how he gets out using any of the following items found in the room: a black plastic comb, a stone, a rusty nail or a beer bottle cap.

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