Frightful night and Timing

Thursday Shea found out he was beng laid off work for two weeks while they launch the ship he's working on. So that means we are kinda with out money for those two weeks. *sighs* I guess we'll manage the best we can, he can't even collect unemployment for those two weeks, oh well.

Friday night I started having these aweful pains in my belly. About five minutes after they started I started bleeding. I told Shea and we went to the hosipital. Between my nerves and the pain I was in I think I got sick twice before we actually made it to the hospital. Shea nearly jumped down the receptionists throat because he was making me wait with out ever asking what was wrong. But Shea did later appologize. We had quite a showing in the ER waiting room. Shea had called his dad and mom and told them to come to town when they got home, they were in Hattisburg visiting Shea's son. They must have called Shea's aunts and brother cause we hadn't been there long when they showed up. Kathleen wouldn't go to his aunts, she hardly knows them. But when his brother got there she went to him, so she didn't have to be in the room with us all the time. Though it didn't matter too much anyway.

They took some blood to make sure I wasn't RH- and did an ultrasound. To say that before the ultrasound I was scared is an understatement. I was terrified that we'd lost the baby but I resolved myself to relaxing so that if it wasn't the case then I would cause more stress and make it happen. But the ultrasound technician showed us the heartbeat. I was at the wrong angle to actually see the heart beat but Shea could see it so I was much more relieved. My only concern then was myself and what lay in the future. Bed rest isn't so bad, but I really don't want it cause that probably means that we won't make it to see my parents. So my fingers are still crossed but I think we'll be okay. When we called my parents, my dad told us Mom had gone through the same thing with me, and I turned out okay. So knowing that made me feel alot better.

It really is a good thing we hadn't gone to Dragon*Con, that would have been a disaster waiting to happen if this happened then. Not good at all. And it's a good thing Shea will be home with me for the next two weeks so I can take it easy and not lift things. It's an adjustment for us and particularly Kathleen, she's so use to Mommy puttering her to sleep that she won't with Daddy, well not at bed time. He's very good at getting her to nap when she's overtired during the day. Our weekend may not be what we had hoped for but it at least turned out for the best.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015