Separation Anxiety and Teething

My poor little girl. She's having such a hard time going to sleep lately. No matter when we start, nor what we do to help her sleep it takes hours of trying and lots of crying.

I hate letting her cry herself to sleep, not only is it hard on me, there really is no reason for it to be. She's teething now so that's not helping any. This one tooth refuses to pop out. It's right there you can see it. But she's also realizing now that Mommy goes out and she's out there but she isn't with me. Classic separation anxiety. It doesn't matter if Shea is with her or not, Mommy left her. And I think this is playing a large role in her sleeplessness.

Tonight I tried the cry out method, driving her around but in the end nothing worked until she'd cried herself into a hysteria, when I picked her up she calmed immediately down. We laid down and she calmed even further, then drifted off to sleep. When I put her down in her bed, she rolled over and went back to sleep. She cried once after that but I think that was more to do with a dream than anything cause she went right back to sleep.

I'm not sure who her sleeplessness is harder on, me, her or Shea. I get fustrated, but I'll do whatever it takes to put her to sleep. It's good Shea isn't working this past week and this next upcoming one, or we'd have some other problems to deal with too.

I think I'm gonna start the 7am - 7pm thing regardless of the day of the week or when Shea's home or not. The only problem with that is that if Shea isn't playing his game, then he's watching TV which makes the sleeping arrangements rather difficult. Maybe I can set something up in her room that will work till Daddy goes to sleep. Only problem is no AC. Maybe I can talk Shea into moving her into there before we get the house finished. She really needs her own room I can darken and quiet down at bed time.

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