As much as I hate schedules and sticking to them, I think it's time to start a schedule for Kathleen. These past few weeks have been killer on her and on us. With one bedroom and one tv and they are both the same room it makes for going to bed a very hard time, particularly when our game time has decreased dramatically. Not so much as the time we have just the amount we've been playing.

Since it's a long ways off for the living room with be done. I think right now it's very important to get Kathleen in her own room. But there are alot of things that are holding that back. First, we don't want to have to move the crib she's in now to the kids room and then have to move it back in to our room when the next baby's born. So we will have to wait till the check for the grant money comes in to buy a convertable crib to put in her room.

We also need to darken the room down. We bought window tint and we think that should suffice to darken it down, if not we can put up curtains in the room. The room needs to be sufficently child proof, meaning all the outlets need plates and socket covers. We have all the stuff, just need to do it.

Once all these things come together we are going to attempt to try a 7 to 7 schedule with her. Wake up at 7am, Breakfast at 8, Attempt a nap at 11, Lunch at noon, Attempt nap number 2 at 3, her dinner at 4 and begin the bedtime ritual at 7pm. The bedtime ritual I've tried before but it just doesn't work all the time. And I see future problems for the few nights I actually watch tv. But the routine will be brush teeth and bath, pjs, bottle and cuddle and then to bed. But we'll see how well all of this works. And how well I can stay on schedule. That's the biggest problem, since I have to eat at least twice a day while I'm pregnant I sometims find that I don't eat enough and I pay for it later by being too "sick" to eat. I have easy to make foods, but with Shea home it really throws all my normal "schedule" out the window. I love him being home all the time, but my routine is shot when he is. But then so is his, next week is gonna be tough on everyone.

On another note, Shea's youngest nephew has a birthday party this Saturday at the Skate Zone. I'm assuming it's a skating rink. But being pregnant no one is gonna let me go skating *sighs* oh well. But I'm looking forward to going and getting out of the house and also introducting Kathleen to her first birthday cake and icecream. We bought a big shirt-like bib for her to wear so she can try to feed her self some cake. I don't think we'll let her try the icecream alone.

She's starting to feed herself pretty well. She loves Twix bars and Fruity Cheerios. We just have to watch for choking on the cereal as she tends to put more than she can handle in at one time. She also likes to try everything we have. Today she tried my pickle, after the first few tastes she was enjoying the juice. She either needs her own food when we eat or she'll try to steal ours. I don't mind sharing expect she climbs all over you and you can't really feed her like that. Or yourself for that matter. But it's all good. I like watching her try new things.

She's starting to stand up by herself. Balancing after being fully upright. She's gotten pretty good at it on our bed, and can stand for much longer on the floor when she tries, she doesn't do it often, I think for fear of hurting her butt on the floor. She's not quite walking yet, she's scotting from object to object, but she's not quite got the moving the feet thing down, she just sits in her walker right now. But she'll be going before we know it, then we'll never stop her.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015