Happy Birthday Dragonmount!

Well it's two days late but oh well, it was just posted about today.

It's hard to beleive that DM is 8 years old and that I"ll be hitting my 8 year anniversary in January. And that is how long I've known my husband. Granted we have only been together since 2000, which in and of itselve is 6 years.

A repost from the birthday board:

I have alot of DM Memoires I'll try to list them in order of oldest to newest

1. Meeting Swordbard (ie: Mandien) in the Spring of the Mourning Inn.

2. Attending my first bonding party of Phoenix and Marrion (can't remember how to spell her name).

3. Sathinar setting me up with my first bond holder Tari (Rembry Fortran now)

4. Dragonmount's first breaking when we really "broke" DM for a week or so before launching our new website

5. Sathinar kidnapping Kathana while a Trolloc Raid was besiging the Tower. My first RP in which I actually didn't write it Ben did. And my beginnings of being Second in command of the Warders.

6. Yveva asking me if I wanted to bond after we had a converstation.

7. Going to Cairhein and my character Matalina wearing a dress for the first time.

8. Dragonmount going into DM6 where the RP and the Orgs split. And my breaking of the bond with Yveva and going to the Dark side and being bound by Raeyn.

9. Matalina's meeting of Alexander Namere and all the things that followed.

That about brings it current. I'm sure I left out a few things...

Oh yeah, the first ever Grinning Battle in the Spring of the Mourning Inn by Ben and Lonewolf.

And I of course remember the thread Seggie posted about, that was a fun one. I also think that Swordbard and his bond holder died in the battle before I was kidnapped so that Swordbard could become Mandien and lead the Aiel to their glory. (Only allowed one character at the time)

I have met my husband through Dragonmount and some of my bestest friends as well. I'm not going to name names cause I'll forget someone and I don't wanna do that. DM has been a large part of my life and continues to be even after having 1 youngster and a second on the way.

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