Ultrasound Nov 14th

November 14th will be a very busy day for me. I might have to get someone to come with me to the doctors because Shea may not be able to come, which is sad because I'd like him there for the ultra sound, but it's at 10:30am on a Tuesday. Not a good time to get him in the office.

But with me sitting on a table for 20 mins or so it's gonna be hard to manage. I might have to ask my mother-in-law if she'd like to come and help with Kathleen. I don't want her to have to babysit for the duration of it, I'd rather have someone with me. But we'll see. Maybe Shea will take the day off if I can talk him into it. I hate that we'll miss a day's pay but I'd rather he be there with me.

I'm a bit concerned about my weight as I lost another pound. Though this time I did weigh myself before I went to the doctor's office. But he wasn't concerned said my weight was good and that my weight should start going up now. I hope so. I have noticed that since I started tracking what was making me sick, it's now pretty much gone. Maybe that was the hormonal transition like I had last time with the killer headaches. Let's hope that's what it was. I still get nauceous, but that's mostly smell triggered... icky garbage or food that doesn't appeal to me.

I'm getting anxious for the youngin to get here. But I'm more anxious to go see my parents so I keep my fingers crossed for all to go well and stay well. We hardly heard the heartbeat yesterday, but the nurse did hear it and aloso the moving around. Which is good even tho I didn't get to really hear it was okay. I'm fairly certain I feel the little one moving around.

This is going to be a challenge but I'm looking forward to having a bigger family. I miss mine greatly. I'm glad we are going home near christmas and for New Years. It's been SO LONG since I've actually had a real party with family. Shea's folks have them, but it's not quite the same, everyone longs to go home and go about their business, the parties last for a few hours then everyone goes their own ways. I love getting together for a simple lunch and then an all out cook out and meal and then hanging out till all ends of the night playing cards or other things. But it's all changed now I think. Most of my cousins are now drinking and even if I drank I can't this trip around. And they've all grown up, they aren't the kids they use to be and well I've missed a good share of it. Bad for me for moving away from a small hick town with no potential for me. I may not like Edmeston, but I love my family and wish I lived closer. I'm glad we moved, I'm glad we came where it's almost always warm, but sometimes I wonder if it was the right decision. The moving doesn't bother me, but sometimes I think we'd have been happier all of us closer to home. But we won't be moving again. And hopefully over time things will get better and we'll get to see family more. If we could only talk more than my folks to coming down here. That's a big wish.

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