Super Nintendo and Mario

Okay I'm sad. I've been wanting a Super Nintendo for years. I didn't need one of my own when I was at home because if I really wanted to play all I had to do was go to Mark's and play his. He'd love that lol. I've been floundering about buying one for a long time, today I broke down and bought one. I bought the system and 4 games (Mario All Stars, Alladin, Jeopardy and Empire Strikes Back). Mario All Stars is the real reason why I want the system. Grew up playing Mario with Nichole and Mark.

Shea agreed with my reasoning behind breaking down and buying on. You may find it silly but I don't. Kathleen has a very curious nature and she wants to touch and pound on everything including our keyboards on the computers. This will allow Kathleen and me to play something where she thinks she's playing. The system I required needed all the hookups and two controllers so that Kathleen could have one. Until Christmas time we are really stuck with what she can do interactive wise.

We intend to buy the Little Leaps System which is an infant gaming system and LeapFrogs Little Touch Pad, basically an electronic book that will help with our attention span and learning. But until then we are stuck with what she has to play with. So this is one step into getting her accustome to playing games with Mommy, hopefully mommy will be entertained enough with her games that it won't be a chore to sit down and do with her. I really want to start working on her vocabulary and learning. Her physcial movements are doing wonders. Today she took about ten steps with out holding on to anything at all. It was a big deal, though I don't think she thought of it as such lol. But Daddy and I make a big todo about it.

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