My Night Owl

You know how hard life is gonna be with two youngin's running around when one of them is a night owl and an insomniac and Mommy has to take care of her. *sighs* It's almost 2am and I've been fighting with Kathleen about sleep for about 2 hours. I gave up about a half hour ago and decided the best thing for all three (or four if you count Diamond) is for Kathleen and me to go into the office and stay up. God what I wouldn't give to have my living room done so I could watch tv at the very least when she gets fussy and wants attention. But I only have my computer to tide the time till she's sleepy again, if ever.

Maybe we'll get a nap later today, I sure hope so, I know I'm gonna need one eventually. I'm not good with my own insomnia when it hits, but to have Kathleen's on top of it. Oh yay! Can't wait for the second one to be like me and love to sleep when it's bed time lol. Watch, I'm not gonna get an ounce of sleep, Kathleen will be awake at night and Sam will be awake during the day. If that's the way it's gonna be Daddy's gonna be watching the girls for an hour or two while Mommy locks the doors and catches a few winks after he gets home from work lol.

Let's just hope Kathleen gets better after the holidays, schedule is gonna go right out the door starting this weekend.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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