Some Venting

I'm sorry if people are pissed off cause they lost 5 days worth of posts because of a mistake. Haven't these people ever made a mistake? I mean come on, it's not like it was done on purpose to make the RPers pay for something. Losing 5 days is alot better than losing an entire 6 to 12 month worth of posts. Which if there hadn't been a back up that would have been the problem.

Someone asked me if I was peaved at him for doing it. Why would I be? It was a mistake, an accident and he rectified what he could. I'm peaved at all the people who take it personally and the ones who don't know how to report problems. And the people who like to spread rumors true or false.

You can't ressurrect something that doesn't exist. Making a change to the database is permanent unless a prior back up was made. It goes poof into the either. Trust me I've just dealt with the problem myself the past month. It's an inconvience no matter how large of one it is, it's still an inconvience, it wasn't done on purpose. For the love of god the man does the job for FREE. If it had happened at a corporate site they'd have fired him or docked pay for such a "disaster" but he works for nothing, what you gonna take away that he won't miss? I'm sure he'd love his free time back, yeah that's a proper punishment for messing up. Give the guy a break.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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