New Year's Resolutions

I'm not one to make resolutions because I never actually follow through with them. However I have alot of things I want to do, not because of the new year but because I feel they need to change. There are many things that will be difficult to do, but they are still on the "resolution list"

  1. Lose weight after the second baby is born.
  2. Keep my house clean and in better shape.
  3. Start my freelance biz scaling upwards.

Each resolution has a reason and has some more things that follow it.

Losing weight is very important for me. I'm not saying I want to be my high school weight again but I have areas on my body that really need to "shrink". Having two babies hasn't helped them any and I don't want to have to surgically fix them so that I don't kill my back. As it is right now I'm top heavy, with my belly counter balancing me out, with out the baby it's not going to be so easy. So there is alot of work I'm going to have to be doing on my chest in particular. After losing enough weight I'll need a new wardrobe. Right now all my clothes are frumpy looking and it's time I grew up so to speak. Need to be presentable for my girls, my husband and more importantly for myself.

Now that the house is nearing completion I need to keep it up better so it's not so hard to clean when it needs it. I'm tired of dirty dishes and hair covered floors, but I've no real ambition to do said things. I need a change in my attitude and take pride in my house. I guess with it always being "never finished" I have had enough ambition to keep it clean. I'm hoping that will change.

I really need a job, but I can't fathom the idea of going out to work with my little girls at someone elses care. I just can't do it. My freelancing is the prefect thing for me to do. Little expenses and the potential for alot of profit depending on the number of clients and the amount of work I can handle. After the second is born I hope to start pulling in customers about six months afterwards. But we'll see, as I'll have a child nearly 2 and a 6 month old. Not sure that will do well with trying to get coding done, but we will see. It's my goal to get myself at least one paying client in 2007 and finish that project. If I can get the biz off the ground I can do a little bit more with that money to make myself more marketable to potential clients. I already plan on learning ajax and flash. I need to expanded into e-commerce a little bit and have a pro-bono client that I think I can at least learn from. That's the one good thing about having so many pro-bono sites, I get alot of testing done for free and get to see what will break before a real customer finds it.

These aren't new years resolutions but my goals for the near future.

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