It's always a concern when you here things go bump in the night, but when things go bang in the night there is major cause for concern. Last night a loud bang woke both Shea and I up around midnight. First thing I did was go to the bathroom as that's generally the first thing my pregnant body says lol, then I checked immediately on Kathleen. She was still soundlessly sleeping in her bed and all was well. Shea went to take a look outside and our neighbor was also looking out side and just as Diamond stuck her head out she saw him and went into hysterical barking, poor Kathleen woke up SCREAMING and I don't mean crying, I mean literally screaming. I went in comforted her as quickly as I could she stopped crying almost as soon as she was in my arms but she was shaking. I've never felt anyone shake like that before, sure I've felt shakey myself, and she may have felt that in my own body then as we snuggled together, but she was shaking and I was concerned. But with a bottle and in our bed she went back to bed rather easily, thank god.

I didn't sleep well, but then I never really do when she's in bed with us, but I did sleep so that was good. I'm still recovering from her insomniac night two nights ago.

She went down for a nap around noon, she was tired after all from her eventful night. She'd been down for many 10 mins when the knock at the door came, it was the gas company here to read the meter, checking to see where the dog was. The back gate is locked to keep kids and other miscreants out of our back yard and Diamond's play ground, so Shea went to unlock it. Diamond saw the guy and immediately went into her hysterical barking, waking Kathleen from her nap. As soon as I took the gate down she ran into Kathleen's room and looked out the window and started barking even worse. Kathleen started screaming even louder and harder even though I was in there with her, just hadn't gotten to her yet. I quickly comforted her and locked Diamond in her pen. There is no call for that kind of barking and she knows it. She spent a good part of the day in her pen or locked in our room away from all things people like. Diamond is a good watch dog but she really is taking it to the extreme lately.

It's amazing Kathleen didn't wake up to the big bang. I'm not surprised about her reaction to Diamond's barking, even wide awake it scares her.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015