New Car - hopefully

Well, I put in a credit application under Shea’s name let’s hope we can get it approved so we can actually buy a mini van. We really need the room with the new youngin on the way. Two carseats in the back of the Saturn really won’t leave alot of room in the front seat for someone because of the way the rear facing seat works. It really has to go in the middle but if you do that you can’t put in a forward facing carseat cause it’s just not going to fit, they don’t squish like people do.

And we also would really like to get a TV in it at some point as well. Maybe not this year, but next year or the year afterwards. Kathleen really doesn’t have much interest in the TV at home except for the music and the quick bursts of cool and colorful movements. We’ve not actually gotten her to sit in front of it for more than a few miniutes before she’s off doing something else. Which is a great thing.

I think she’ll be at the computer alot faster than she’ll be in front of the TV. She loves buttons, and the keyboard has lots of them. We just need to make sure she understand which ones to play with and which ones not to. Sometime in the near future I think that we need to hook up my old computer so she can beat on it and play with it with out worrying about messing something major up. The three computers we have set up now we really don’t want to have to fix. But the old one won’t matter, I will probably do a complete reformat of it before letting her have it officially, need to remove all the things we really don’t want her to have on it that could be dangerous. Though I will probably install photoshop on it and when she starts learning colors and stuff and actually drawing on paper I might get her a pen mouse like I have to start her learning to do it there too, as it’s completely different than real drawing. It’s something I need to think on.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015