New Car

Welp, today was a stressful but good day. We slept late, 9am... WOW, Kathleen went to bed late the night before so she actually slept past 7 and even 8 which is highly unlike her no matter what time she goes to bed. This morning Shea took the car to get it fully cleaned inside and out took about three hours to do so which he had to wait around for cause I couldn't pick him up with the truck and no one to watch the baby.

We then went to eat, and they had a crappy selection of food at the buffet, then we went to Dodge to check out mini-vans. It was rainy but we spent 4 hours there going back and forth with the dealers over price and what we could afford. We did end up getting the mini-van even with alot of fustration over it. We are paying more than we'd like to, but I hope that it'll be worth it. We really did need the space. The only bell and whistle we got on the van was the stow-and-go rear seat. It's a cool feature and will really save alot of hassle when we are taking long trips. It has plenty of storage roam in the back for luggage and Diamond lol and even has storage under the middle seat where the girls will be.

We are going to have to get use to locking our doors manually and turning the headlights on and off. No more auto locks or day time running laps, but it was the space we were after not the convience of what we had. It drives well, or so Shea tells me, it's raining all day and it was dark by the time we got home. I'll get a chance to drive it on Monday. I'm sure I'm gonna have to do alot of running on Monday between insurance and plates. The only good thing is it's not far from the house. I really like having two sliding doors, one on each side, it makes life so much easier getting in and out. And I like that there is no console in the middle so I can get up out of my seat to tend the youngins while Shea is driving. It's gonna take some time getting use to but I think it's a good buy, even if it was a stressful day gettng it. I miss the Saturn, but I'm sure I'll love this one just as much as soon as I get use to it.

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