These last two months (60 days) are going to be the most difficult of both of my pregnancies I think. Even including the stressing issues in the beginning of this one. Not only am I tired, but my back is killing me and muscles I didn't even know I had much less used on such a daily basis hurt like crazy. Sitting hurts, standing hurts, laying hurts.

I think alot of this pain comes from having too much weight before hand, but mostly from the added additional weight of having baby and Kathleen in my arms. I'm not blaming my aches and pains on either one, but I've a feeling these last two months are going to find me walking slowly and watching tv alot.

One good thing about sitting still and not in front of the PC is that I get to spend more time with Kathleen. Though that's hard when I do sit in front of it cause she wants Mommy lol. But it gets Mommy in the habit of not sitting in front of the PC all day too. I'm really not gonna have alot of time for it come the end of March anyway.

But other than aches and pains we are all doing well, though both Kathleen and I have a cold, poor kid who can't breathe at night, that's no fun, she's spent the last two nights with us just because she wouldn't let go of me, and I can't sleep in her room unless I talk my blankets and pillows with me so it's easier to take her with me.

I'm glad that I picked up some Infant Tylenol Cold drops three or four days ago. I felt Kathleen was catching a cold then by the few random coughs she was having and sure enough two nights ago she was stuffed up, today she's stuffed up and has a runny nose with a cough. I think this is working, I didn't call the doctor for the exact weight to dropper usage, but one dropper seems to be working. She doesn't have a fever so it's good.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015