We are all sick

Kathleen got sick, then I did and now Shea is sick. Shea says alot of guys were out of work on Thursday, so there is something going around. I'm still sick and not much I can do about it since I refuse to take anything more than tums or tylenol for my discomforts. I could take something for the stuffiness but I don't think it's really worth it.

Kathleen had a double ear infection and today is her last day on antibotics. I think her cold has mostly cleared up, tho I do still hear her every once and a while with the weezing of a stuffy head, so I dunno. But she's at least taking her meds with out a problem.

Shea's doing better after sleeping most of Friday away. Must be nice, I spent two days in bed but not sleeping, even though he was home for one of them. But then I really don't want to spend that much time away from my Baby Girl.

One good thing though which I hope I can keep up is pain releif for my back. I've found that if I use that shiatsu massaging pad we bought on Christmas Eve and the heating pad we bought when Shea's back started spazing out in combination together that I wake up pain free in the morning. So I try to do it every night but it's not really convinient when the little one goes to bed so late and Shea usually follows right after.

Another good note. Next Saturday we are getting some help to finish the walls and the floors of our house. What this means is that we have to pick up the house that we do live in which I've already started, even the utility room got cleaned. Next is our bedroom and the closet. Then we have to clean out the two rooms currently storing all our crap. Mostly kitchen stuff and stuff that goes into our bedroom until we can find a place for it. After that's done all the big stuff needs to be moved into the living room so they can tear out the remaining 4 feet of sheet rock that was water damaged, replace the insulation, put new plywood on the existing floor boards and then hang the sheet rock. I think that is all they will be doing Saturday. We'll then have to float the sheet rock, prime it and paint it and then lay the carpet down. and put in the floor molding. We have less than two months to finish and I hope we finish before hand, so I have a little time to prepare the play room and the living room for the new baby and for Kathleen. I'm very much looking forward to having a living room again. And a finished house.

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