Bad Day

Today has not started out all the wonderful. First after Shea had gone to work and I went to brush my teeth I found out we had no water. We had water at 6:30am cause I made Kathleen a bottle. Everything was fine. A few hours later we had none. Thankfully Shea's dad stopped by to give the baby her Valentines Day card and he checked a few things, it seemed our system was fine. We went next door and asked if they had water, nope. He then went down to the utlity company and found out that we have a broken main and that it will take probably 3 hours if not more to fix. Oh yay, no water.

So I buy water at Walmart when I go today no big deal. Just limited toilet usage *sighs* oh well. Our trip to Walmart was fine for the most part, Kathleen decided she doesn't like sitting in the seat anymore and tried to stand up. She also was playing with my phone, and guess what now it's lost. After nap time I'll try to go back there and see if anyone picked it up and turned it in. The only good thing is it is locked and you can only dial the emgerncy numbers. Provided that it actually stayed locked after Kathleen turned it off and back on.

But it looks like water might be here soon. It's making noise. And it'll be just in time for nap time and another bottle so that she isn't grumpy when I take her back to Walmart, hopefully it won't be a long trip. I really hate being with out my phone!

*added* Yay! Found my phone. Kathleen threw it in the lettuce that's why I didn't hear it hit the ground like usual. Funny thing is Shea called and found my phone at Walmart, he took off work early to go get it but I had already gotten it and he passed me as I was coming home. How funny!

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Published on September 30, 2015

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