Tooth Ache

Well today I broke down and went to the dentist. My top left wisdom tooth has been bothering me since before I got pregnant, it would come and go and then I got pregnant so I've been putting it off until after I have the baby. Well, the pain the past few days has been unbearable. Enough that even tylenol isn't working to releive the pain or any of the other pain releif measure I had been taking.

So today I went in and I'm not on penicilin and have tylenol #3 to help with the pain. Well see how well the pain killer works as I'm not sure if it's any better than what my OB/GYN perscribed for my back pain.

Next Friday I will be having the tooth yanked. Hopefully pain will then go away. I have an OB appointment on Wednesday for routine care, so then I'll just get the note and make sure my doctor doesn't have any objections. He said it would be okay about two months ago. Just no nitrous oxide, which I didn't have last time I got the tooth yanked. Hopefully all will go well.

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