Hell Month?

With Kathleen I didn't have alot of aches and pains. And I don't recall having them this early. If I keep up at this rate I'm gonna be so releived to have this youngin out that I think all reconsidering stopping of children bearing will cease. Though I'm pretty sure we won't be having anymore reguardless. The wait is too long for Shea and I can't with in good conscious pop another out so soon lol.

For the past two nights I've been having major contractions. I'm sure they are just practice ones, but some of them hurt like anything and not even moving to a new position seems to help. They aren't regular, my water hasn't broken I have absolutely no show and haven't lost my plug I don't think. I've an appointment on March 6th, well see if all these contractions have had any results. I hope so.

But if this is going to be the case until the child is born I hope she comes early rather than late. Not sure if I can handle the back pain I had last night for a long period of time. So bad to the point that I actually had to take the prescription my OB gave me for the minor back pain. It was probably against my best interest to do if they were contractions but I couldn't bear much more, there was no more signs of it.

And the heart burn is going to kill me if the aches and pains don't. Milk gave me heart burn last night. I understand juices and sodas, but milk, there is nothing acidic about milk. Just goes to show that this little one is right on the stomach making mommy uncomfortable lol. When she drops I'll be going alot, not sure that's gonna be much better.

I'm still not looking forward to labor, even after the relatively easy one I had last time. I've still got so many fears, like dying and I just wanna see my babies and take care of them. But keep up a positive attitude I'm sure everything will be fine.

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