Just this weekend Shea was saying we should check on the appeal to our grant money. As we don't beleive they gave us enough based on our damages that we attained. They were in the process of redoing the grant review process and most people were going to be getting additional funds, so Shea was curious. I told him I'd call the number we were given and check.

However I never got around to it. Today in the mailbox I got a letter from the State of Missisippi with both our names on it. Figuring it was just a letter but important I opened it. On top was a check for 18K more, and a letter inside telling us what it was. It was the reviewed additional funds they were giving everyone who applied.

SWEET! And really just in the nick of time. We now have enough money to finish the house, buy some new furniture that either needs replacing or just needed in general AND help us financially with the Union contracts up in the air and a pending strike coming in the REAL near future. We will still cross our fingers to not strike but this money is so going to help us get things done in the last month. I'm so psyched now, so many less worries! Less stress so hopefully that'll ease my pains too.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015