I am a billy goat

Kathleen has decided that she wants to be a big girl and get into and onto things all by herself. It started shortly after we started letting her walk to the van by herself. We have a handcap accessible house for the most part, which means that a good share of the doors are wide enough for a wheel chair AND we've a ramp on to our front porch. So we've started helping Kathleen down the ramp by holding her hand. The first few times up or down were tramatic as she fell but she seems to have it down pretty good now. She will hold your hand if it's offered and she feels she needs the extra balance. She then has started trying to climb into the van to get into it. It doesn't work to well since it's so high, but if it was the car I'm sure she'd be into already.

She's learned to climb up the front porch steps and you should see the face of accomplishment she gets when she tries. She's now successfully managed to climb on to the rocking ottoman for the rocking chair and is now trying to master climbing on to our bed. Which she needs some help with cause she can't get her foot up on the bed, we are going to get her a step stoll I think. She'll need one come potty training time too if she decides to use the big potty versus a little one her size, and brushing her teeth when I let her do it alone and she's tall enough lol.

She can get up into her own bed as it's low to the ground and I think she's figured out how to get off with out falling but she's yet to do it alone. That will be fun at bed time when she learns that and doesn't want to sleep.

She's growing up so fast and learns things so quickly when it comes to her motor skills. Verbals are harder for her I think. She jabbers away all day but she really doesn't say words, even when she wants mama or dada. Though she does know the words. I think she knows diamond, what's that and a few others like sit.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015