New Arrival

Samantha Inez Wilkerson arrived at 1:20pm CST on March 27. She weighed in at 5 pounds 7 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

Labor was interesting this go around. Went it at 6:30am, started the gel at 7:30am. I was able to start walking an hour later I did one lap before I decided it was too much pain to walk. I'd been feeling contractions for about half an hour as it was. At 10:30am they started the drip, the contractions got too much and they gave me some pain killer that basically knocked into another state. I wasn't really there and when the pain was enough to override the pain killer I was in terrible pain waiting on the epidural. Shea says it was about an hour of pretty much straight contractions. My concept of time was non-existant at the time. By the time they gave me the epidural the baby was almost ready to come out. But I was relaxed now and could handle things much better. Not sure how long after the epidural that I was having to fight to not push the baby out. By the time my doctor joined us you could see the crown of her head from the door. One push and the little one was out. Yay!

Unfortunately my placenta was fragmented and he was unable to get it all out in the delivery room so they had to rush me to the OR to get it scrapped out. Thankfully I didn't need any other anesthisa as the epidural held out. He got out as much as he could be he thinks there might still be a peice inside. But my bleeding hasn't been bad so I think thinks are going to be okay.

I think I got jabbed with a billion needles those first few days. They stabbed me two or three times putting in my IV in the delievery room. Then the epidural. Then they restabbed me again to redo the IV while I was in the OR another two times. They stuck me three times to draw blood, the first time it didn't work, the second time it clotted or something and they had to redraw.

Other than that it was a decent experience. Now for the challenge of Kathleen and Samantha at home. This shall be fun.

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