April 2

April Second will start the beginning of a new life for me and mine. Now that Samantha has joined us and Kathleen is more than able to start doing more things with us, we hope to begin a new diet regime and some exercise. Most of it will be light stuff to begin with and I don't intend this to be a starve myself diet or a fad diet. It's a change of life and I'm going to learn how to eat well and right and exercise. I don't eat badly, just a few things I shouldn't eat but do, and the most important thing I think is the exercise. I've got several different cardio things to try and a strength training set coming soon to help with that as well. I'm looking forward to most of the cardio. I have a Baby and Me fitness dvd and a dancing dvd for me and Kathleen. Shea and I hope to start walking every night with a double stroller at the local walk track near us.

We'll see how well it goes. I think it's going to be a push to get Shea going, but I'm gonna work out a 4 week meal plan for myself that fits the nutritional needs as well as losing weight needs for myself. We can work on Shea's while he's home but we'll have to figure something out in order to make this all work out when he goes back to work.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015