Company and Sleep

Yesterday was a good day for the most part, the night however was a little bad, not horrid, just bad. Kathleen didn't get to bed till midnight, Samantha woke up shortly there after and she needed feeding and took a while to eat enough before falling asleep. I got a few hours more sleep before Kathleen woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep, then Samantha woke up. Kathleen finally calmed down enough to rest for a few minutes so I thought she was sleeping. Shea decided it was better to keep Kathleen awake, which means I have to stay awake as well. So needless to say I'm struggling to stay awake. I think I'm gonna take a nap in about two minutes when I'm done typing this up, lol.

I think our loads of company played a big part in Kathleen's sleep pattern, she didn't get her normal nap time in and slept far longer than she should have when she did go down. That and she's becoming like her father an insomniac. But I was glad to see our company. Sin and Ara and their boys stopped by. It was good seeing them for a little while, it'll be nice to have real life friends who live with in visiting distance. As they were getting ready to leave, Shea's Aunts and cousin showed up with her granddaughter who is 6 months older than Kathleen. It was good seeing them, they got to see the house too which is nearing finishing but not quite yet done.

All in all we are going to have an interesting, all of us tired and grumpy. Not going to be fun, only one who isn't grumpy is Samantha lol.

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