Sick and/or Allegeries

Well Kathleen made yet another trip to the doctor's office today. Her cough has gotten much worse, and she now has a sore throat and has messy diapers. They've put her on a cough syrup that helps loosen the mucus and an antibotic. Hopefully this will all help her feel better and not be such a grump.

Samantha had a hard night last night. She is congested and both Shea and I are starting to beleive she's allergic to Diamond or dust or something thats in our bedroom. She sleeps well during the day in her play pen in the living room. There are two things different in there than in our bedroom. The first is there is no carpet, and the second is there is no ceiling fan circulating the air. Today and tomorrow I plan on going thru a massive cleaning spree of our bedroom. Today I managed to get Samantha/my side of the room 100% clean of hair and dust. Hopefully that will help. Tomorrow I will tackle the rest the room and hope that it will clear her up. Other wise we might be getting rid of Diamond *frowns*. I really don't want to but it's not really a choice. I can't have the baby suffering, and that's not a good life for either Diamond or Samantha. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a clean house will keep the little one allegery free. *heres to hoping*.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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