I hate our insurance

Shortly after Samantha was born I added her online to Shea's insurance. That tells me I need paperwork and I need to take it to them. Okay no problem. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card come in and on exactly 30 days after she was born we took the paper work in to the office. They said a week. It's now a month and we are getting hospital bills, the doctor bills will soon be rolling in, she's been to the doctor three times. We've had to fill one perscription out of our pocket, thank god it was only twelve bucks.

This is seriously getting annoying. I called a while ago and they said oh we'll get on it, she's already on it. Well get every other damn system updated so I can pay the damn bills or at least get them added to our already existant loan for medical bills coming out of Shea's check. For the love of god it's been over a month. She'll be three months at the end of this month and she's still not covered!

We had a similar issue with Kathleen and then we had to deal with the insurance company to get them to actually pay their share.

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